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Chapter 16: POW - Fukuoka Camp #22 - Honami, Japan

Fukuoka POW Camp #22 was located about 30 miles southwest of Moji, Japan and near the towns of Honami and Iizuka. It was established in January 1945. POW's at this camp were used as slave labor in area coal mines.

Richard A. Beam - USS Biloxi Interview with Tommy English - 20 Sep 1945 - All Rights Reserved

The next day, which was the 16th (August 16, 1945) the Australians, English, and Americans were transferred from the camp (Fukuoka #27) in groups of 100. We were moved to camp number 22, at Iizuka, another coal mining camp. This time though, we came to rest, not work.

We woke up the morning of the 18th and saw that the Japanese guards were cleaning up and policing the grounds, an area that ordinarily the prisoners were required to do.

A few days later the Japanese soldiers turned over the camp to the American Head Commander, Major McCollum.

We were then allowed to roam the countryside and we immediately began trading clothing, blankets, and soap for food.

The mining officials sent canned meat to our camp and the food suddenly became good.

B29's then began to drop food to us, and toilet articles, cigarettes, and such incidentals.

American rescue parties arrived and we once again were looking into friendly and helpful eyes. The war was over!

Honami, Japan
Photo Courtesy Kiushu University Museum

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