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Chapter 24: Return to Service

Dad returned to Active Duty on January 26, 1946. His final medical report read as follows:

Board of Medical Survey - Naval Station Great Lakes - 04 Feb 1946

This man was admitted to this hospital with a diagnosis NO DISEASE (REPATRIATED POW). He was captured at Corregidor and held prisoner on P.I. and Japan. While a prisoner he suffered from pellagra, beri beri, pneumonia, tropical ulcers, and malnutrition. He denies other illness and injury. He was liberated 9-4-45 and evacuated to Guam where a complete physical examination and required laboratory studies were done. At this or subsequent examinations the chest X-ray Kahn test, smear for malaria and stool examination were all normal.

On admission to this hospital, he felt well and had gained weight. He was discharged on 90 day leave. On return from this leave he had no complaints and felt well. Physical examination and indicated laboratory studies were normal. He needs no further hospital care. Weight gain from 98# to 186#.

It is the opinion of the Board that this man is physically and mentally fit for full duty. It is recommended that he be returned to full duty.

On February 20, 1946 Dad was promoted to Chief Petty Officer, Storekeeper.

Promoted to CPO, Storekeeper - United States Navy
Photo Courtesy Richard A. Beam Family

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