Lake City, Colorado (1991)

In late 1991, one of the Directors at Compaq offered me the keys to his vacation
townhouse in Lake City, Colorado. So, we loaded up and headed out from Houston.
Grandma Polly joined us in the mountains by flying into Gunnison from Indianapolis.

There's not really much one can say about the scenery of where we were ...
hopefully the sampling of pictures below will get the point across.

Julie, Mom, and Kids

Josh and Grandma

Andrea, Grandma and Ducks!

Front of Townhouse

Back of Townhouse

View from Entrance Road

Mom Enjoying the View

Gary and Justin

Gary and Julie

Canine Visitor

Making Friends ...

And Doing Tricks

View Around the Lake

View from Townhouse

One of Andrea's Bird Friends

Andrea and Josh Exploring

More Exploring ...

And Found Something!