Epcot, Florida (USA Basketball Parade - 1996)

In early 1996, USA Basketball announced the players for the men's and women's
basketball teams that would compete at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. A
parade was held at Epcot Center in Orlando for the teams -- and we were there!

Since Hakeem Olajuwon was Justin's favorite NBA player, Julie and I screamed
like crazy when he passed by -- but never succeeded in getting his attention.

Reggie Miller was Josh's favorite player, and Josh was suited up in an Indiana
Pacers #31 jersey. So when Reggie passed by, Julie and I again screamed like
crazy trying to get Reggie's attention. This time, it worked -- Reggie spotted
Josh in Pacer #31 attire and they ended up carrying on quite a conversation!

Josh and Justin Suited Up

Start of the Parade

Yes, It Was a BIG Crowd

Charles Barkley

Shaq & Rebecca Lobo

Gary Payton

Scottie Pippin

Mitch Richmond & Lisa Leslie

Karl Malone

Hakeem the Dream

Hakeem the Dream

Reggie Miller