Indianapolis, Indiana (1993)

We made a visit in 1993 to see Grandma, Grandpa, and the gang in Indy.
We did things differently by flying from Asheville to Cincinnati (Josh
and Justin's first plane trip) and then driving a rental from Cincy to Indy.

On the Plane

On the Plane

Grandma Chillin'

Justin Chillin'

Cousin Megan Chillin'

Cousin Matt Playing Nintendo ...

... Against Josh

Gary, Beth, Megan & Justin

Gary, Beth, Megan & Justin

Tank at Fort Harrison

Swingin' Cousins?

There They Are!

More Swingin'

... And More Swingin'

Back at the Card Game

Me Thinks Megan Won!

Uncle Jack Appears!

Indiana Pacers Game