N. Columbia, Tennessee

We decided to move out a bit from Columbia, but kept our original home
in the city to rent out. I was still playing work-slave at Teledyne Corp.

We bought a newer home sitting on a half acre with great landscaping and
in a very quiet neigborhood. Well ... quiet except for the time I came
outside from the garage to find some clown siphoning gas from my new truck!

Josh hangin' with Aunt Beth

Josh hangin' with Grandpa

Josh with Aunt Beth

Josh, Aunt Beth and Grandpa

Josh with Grandma & Grandpa

Matt, Josh and Andrea

Hello Opryland!

Julie, Josh & Chocula (?)

Andrea Takes a Dive

Andrea and Matt in the Ball Pit

Andrea Takes a Cruise

Matt, Josh, and Andrea

Grandma and Andrea

Josh and Grandpa

Josh and Grandpa

Josh is Wearing Out ...

Josh as Trix Rabbit

Matt as Count Chocula

Josh with an Opryland Sunburn

Josh and the Easter Egg

Grandpa With a Handful!

Yes, It Snows in Tennessee!

Cold Seat!

Is It Summer Yet?



Andrea and Friend

Julie and Josh

Christmas 1984

Christmas 1984