Spring, Tennessee

We found a rental house much closer to Compaq ... thankfully! After living
there for about a year, the owner was foreclosed on and we were able to
quickly and easily buy the home. I stayed at Compaq until November 1991,
and then started up my own computer software development/publishing biz.

This home was 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with upstairs play room. Not a bad
place, except for the occasional snakes that appeared in the driveway
to sun themselves. Fortunately, Jim next door was a Houston policeman,
although it was his farm-raised wife Kay-Kay that handled my snake issues!

Grandma with Justin (06/87)

Grandpa with Justin (06/87)

Grandpa and Crew (06/87)

Feeding Time!

Split Cartilage => Not Fun

Entrance to Andrea-World (12/87)

Julie Taking a Break

Who Got Yelled At?

Hmm .......

Andrea and Justin

Andrea and Justin

The Gang!

Josh and Justin

Gary and Justin

Justin Ready to Walk!

Birthday Party Time

Birthday Party Time

Birthday Party Time

Christmas 1987 (?)

Hmm ...

Christmas Goodies

Christmas 1989 (?)

Gettin' Into It

The Aftermath

Nice Shades!

Duck Feeding Time

We Did This Often!


Andrea and Crowd

Andrea and More Crowd